Guidance of precincts/Main Sanctuary(in the Cloisters)

Cloisters (Important Cultural Property)

Cloisters surround nearly all four sides of the central part of Kasuga Taisha Shrine. The south cloister stretches 42m east to west, starting from the center of the Nanmon (South Gate). The ends face northward, each connecting to the east and west cloisters. The east cloister is about 37m long, with Yogo Gate in the middle, and ends where it meets the east side of the “Oro” (Open Veranda). The west cloister is about 57m long, and has three gates called Keiga, Seijo, and Naishi Gates, located from south to north respectively. The 27m long north cloister connects only to the west cloister, and ends before it reaches the back of the Main Sanctuary, which is why the length of the east and west cloisters are different.

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